Mars Mission Mangalyaan India comes last but still defeats the toppers - US, Russia, Europe

angalore, Sept 24: India's mission Mars -- Mangalyaan entered the Mars orbit, the latest entrant. It created history on Wednesday, Sept 24. The fact, which shocked many, is that Mangalyaan is the cheapest mission for Mars so far. Mangalyaan, which means "Mars craft" in Hindi, took off from the island of Shriharikota, off India's eastern coast, 10 months ago. The 3,000lb (1,350kg) device first headed for an elliptical orbit around Earth, after which a series of manoeuvres and short burns of its rocket engines sent it on towards Mars. India defeated US, Russia, Europe, the other countries which had already placed their satellite on Mars orbit. While big Asian giants -- China, Japan failed to join them, India joined the elite club of Martian explorers with United States, European Space Agency and former Soviet Union. 

Here are the comparative costs of travel to the red planet in recent years:

NASA's Maven USA Nov 18, 2013 Sept 21, 2014  -- $671million

Mars Express Orbitor Europe June 2003 December 2003 --- $386 million

Nozomi Japan July 1998 Mission failed, Dec 2003 --- $189 million

Phobos-Grunt With Chinese satellite Russia Nov 2011 Mission failed --- $117 million

Mangalyaan India Nov 5, 2013 Sept 24, 2014  --- $74 million

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