MOM says bye to Earth

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has said the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) will cover 680 million km with no fuel. The velocity required by MOM to reach Mars had already been imparted during the Trans-Mars Injection.

Now, MOM is cruising with a velocity of 32.8 km/second. MOM is expected to reach Mars in September 2014.

MOM doesn’t require any fuel to travel from Earth to Mars in its Mars-Transfer Trajectory. However, a little fuel was required to correct the trajectory and control the orientation of the spacecraft, Isro said.

On December 11, Isro will conduct the first small mid-course correction maneuver. The subsequent ones will be carried out in April and August next year. “In line with our fetish for jargon, the fancy term coined for these operations is trajectory correction maneuver (TCM)!” Isro said.

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